Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Best Yellow River Concerto that I Have Ever Heard" said A HK Critic

(Master Pianist Rueibin Chen rehearsed Yellow River Concerto with Tianjin Symphony Orchesta in Tianjin city, China)

Master Pianist Rueibin Chen's "Yellow River Concerto" had been a great sucess in Hong Kong and recieved lots wonderful feedback from the audience and the critic.

Rueibin Chen's Yellow River Concerto is "the best Yellow River Concerto that I have ever heard" emphasized a Hong Kong critic.

Rueibin Chen's Yellow River Concerto is "so touched that make the audience have tears in their eyes" hightlighted another Hong Kong critic.

Master Pianist Rueibin Chen is the first Taiwanese that plays the master piece of "Yellow River Concerto" on public. After the successful experience in Hong Kong, Rueibin Chen is now in Tianjin, China at the moment and is going to perform the same concerto with Tianjin Symphony Orchestra on December 11. Again, he will be the first Taiwanese who is going to play "Yellow River Concerto", the most representative Chinese Concerto, in Mainland China.

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