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Pianist Rueibin Chen &. Russian Ballet Piano Recital on March 20 at Taiwan's National Concert Hall

Coming Soon:
國泰世華音樂饗宴 陳瑞斌Rueibin Chen俄羅斯芭蕾鋼琴音樂會

Dates and Venues:

2011 03/ 20 (日) PM 7:30  National Concert Hall , Taipei

2011 03/ 25 (五) PM 7:30   National Sun Yat-sen University , Sun Yat-sen Hall , Kaohsiung

2011 04/ 06 (三) PM 7:30  Taichung Chung-Hsin Hall

Ticket prices : TWD: 500 (student) 800 1200 1800 2400 3000 3600 4800

02-2341 9898 04-2292 5321 07-225 6360

Critics' Compliments to Rueibin Chen from all over the world:
Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Switzerland)“He is one of those geniuses that come along once in twenty years. He has immense energy and intensity that is almost supernatural.”

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Germany)“…that he has worked out a stupendous technique, is beyond doubt.”

Alicia de Larrocha (Spain)“…finds his performance a magnificent one!”

Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (U.S.A.)“ many fine achievements and excellent performances.”

Kurier (Austria)Concert in the Musikverein:“The pianist Ruei-Bin Chen gave proof that he merits the many prizes he has already won. He performed Ravel's “Gaspard de la Nuit,” first delicately, then swelling in mood and very securely throughout, completely engrossed in his act.”

Wiener Zeitung (Austria)Headline: “Climax of the Chopin Festival”“Chen performed the pieces with technical brilliance and a surprisingly high degree of emotional penetration for such a young musician . . . "Trois Mouvements de Petrouschka" by Stravinsky, with the rhythmical and technical difficulties, was mastered in sovereign fashion.”

The Boston Globe (U.S.A.)Headline: “The Power Piano of Ruei-Bin Chen”“He plays with the white-hot energy, steel-fingered, power and athletic virtuosity . . . has impetuosity and undeniably impressive technique . . . Chen showed that he can play with delicacy and imagination.”

The Times (U.K.)“He mesmerized the audience as his fingers traveled the ivories with at times mind-boggling precision and swiftness and a level of emotion which delivered each note, each chord, to the heart of each member of the audience.”

Arts in Season (U.S.A.)“PCAC brings Carnegie Hall to Pleasanton.....Pianist Rueibin Chen is one of the best.....The event sold out. The audience was entranced.”

Pleasanton Weekly (U.S.A.)“A rare opportunity to see a world class pianist in a theater setting.”

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)“. . . one could never doubt Mr. Chen's brilliance, and his instinctive feel for the music.”


Programmes 演出曲目 :

浦羅柯菲夫:選自芭蕾組曲《羅密歐&茱麗葉》,作品 75

(日劇 “ 交響情人夢 “主題曲)

a) 羅密歐 Montagues & 茱麗葉Capulets 家族

b) 羅密歐與茱麗葉臨別前


(電影 “ 似曾相識 “主題曲)


(日劇 “ 交響情人夢 “及電影 “ 幻想曲 “主題曲)

蕭邦:夜曲 升C小調,作品 遺作 (電影 “ 戰地琴人 “主題曲)

蕭邦:船歌 升F大調,作品 60

斯特拉溫斯基:芭蕾組曲《彼得洛西卡》(日劇 “ 交響情人夢 “主題曲)

票價 : 500 (學生票) 800 1200 1800 2400 3000 3600 4800

購票 : 年代售票

02-2341 9898 04-2292 5321 07-225 6360

主辦:綺想室內樂團 02-3233 6304



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l 學生票(憑有效學生證購買 ,入場時需出示有效證件) 。

l 本節目開放110公分 以下兒童入場
Pianist Rueibin Chen
is coming back to Taiwan soon to share his beloved piano music with his fans in Taiwan. After his successful and sold out concert playing Chopin in Taiwan's National Concert Hall last June, he is pleased to be invited and sponsored by Cathay United Bank to hold three piano concerts in Taiwan in March 2011. These three concerts will take place in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung respectively.  He would like to take this opportunity to increase music appreciation outreach and will be performing some popular and familiar pieces which will appeal to audience of all ages.  Please join us at one of these upcoming not-to-be-missed performances:

Rueibin Chen--Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.3(mvt 3-1)