Monday, December 14, 2009

Pianist Rueibin Chen's performance on X'mas day (December 25) in Tainan County, Taiwan

To help celebrate the holidays, the Tainan County Government has invited world renowed Pianist Rueibin Chen to perform at a Christmas Concert.  Please contact the Cultural Affairs Department of Tainan County Government to reserve your tickets ASAP!
Rueibin Chen's performance on Christmas Day
Meeting An Angel: A Christmas Concert
Venue: Cultural Center, Tainan Country
Time: 19:30pm, December 25
Ticket: Please contact Tainan County Government to reserve your tickets ASAP.Happy Holidays!!!
For more ticket and concert information, please click here for your reference

More information in Chinese as following:
遇見天使~耶誕音樂會 時間:12/25(五)19:30 地點:文化中心音樂廳   12月25日耶誕節,在台南縣文化中心音樂廳,將由享有「天使手指」美譽的奧地利華裔鋼琴大師陳瑞斌,帶來全世界最優美的鋼琴之音,而曾任台北縣愛樂合唱團音樂總監,並擁有高難度花腔技巧女聲樂家黃凡鳳將帶來極清亮甜美、令人讚嘆的美聲歌詠。這場耶誕音樂會,曲目多選自歌劇魔笛<夜之后詠嘆曲>、柴可夫斯基 <胡桃鉗組曲>、帕海貝爾<卡農>等充滿歡欣氣氛的樂章,「聖母頌」更是耶誕節必定演奏的曲目。音樂會的壓軸並由鋼琴大師陳瑞斌帶領國內新生代的音樂家們共同演出,天使手指在琴鍵上飛舞出悠揚的樂音,散播愛與希望。 爲了提供民眾聆賞大師級鋼琴家的琴藝風采,音樂會將以免費索票方式辦理,機會難逢,錯過可惜!
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Best Yellow River Concerto that I Have Ever Heard" said A HK Critic

(Master Pianist Rueibin Chen rehearsed Yellow River Concerto with Tianjin Symphony Orchesta in Tianjin city, China)

Master Pianist Rueibin Chen's "Yellow River Concerto" had been a great sucess in Hong Kong and recieved lots wonderful feedback from the audience and the critic.

Rueibin Chen's Yellow River Concerto is "the best Yellow River Concerto that I have ever heard" emphasized a Hong Kong critic.

Rueibin Chen's Yellow River Concerto is "so touched that make the audience have tears in their eyes" hightlighted another Hong Kong critic.

Master Pianist Rueibin Chen is the first Taiwanese that plays the master piece of "Yellow River Concerto" on public. After the successful experience in Hong Kong, Rueibin Chen is now in Tianjin, China at the moment and is going to perform the same concerto with Tianjin Symphony Orchestra on December 11. Again, he will be the first Taiwanese who is going to play "Yellow River Concerto", the most representative Chinese Concerto, in Mainland China.

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