Monday, May 2, 2016

Full House at Xinying Cultural Center, Taiwan

Entrevista al pianista concertista Rueibin Chen ,The Spanish interview by RTI

Entrevista al pianista concertista Rueibin Chen 

The Spanish interview by RTI 

La Brújula ha tenido el honor de realizar una entrevista exclusiva al pianista concertista taiwanés Rueibin Chen . En el siguiente programa el pianista Chen comparte con todos nosotros sus inicios y su desarrollo como pianista de una carrera profesional tan apasionante como llena de retos.
Sus habilidades innatas, sumadas a años de esfuerzo y perseverancia, además de una excelente formación recibida a manos de maestros del piano, han hecho de él un concertista de reconocimiento internacional.
Todo esto y mucho más, aquí en La Brújula.
Más información en su web oficial:
(La música emitida en el programa ha sido interpretada y compartida por Rueibin Chen, con fragmentos de los conciertos n.2, n.4 y Liebesfreud de Rajmaninov, el concierto n.1 de Liszt y Love River)

Concert at the Xinying Cultural Center in Tainan, Taiwan , April 29

Concert at the Xinying Cultural Center in Tainan, Taiwan , April 29

Having fun with this piano made in 1886! The year Liszt passed away.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? I was very honored to spend the evening with a few hundred music lovers at the Bowers Museum - One of the Top Ten museums in the US according to National Geographic.
I gave a short speech before the performance.
Recently a powerful earthquake struck southern Taiwan. The area that's most damaged is Yunkan District of Tainan City. Many victims were buried under the collapsed buildings. The death toll has reached more than 100 people. And many homes are destroyed. Yunkan is where I was born and grew up, until the age of 13, when I left Taiwan to go to Vienna to study music. The earthquake victims and their families are my hometown people. Next I would like to play the pieces for them. It is Scriabin's prelude and Nocturne for Left Hand. Scriabin suffered from depression all his life, but he didn't give up and still wrote great music. I choose to play Scriabin's work for my hometown people, to encourage them not to give up, and my heart prays for them. I hope you will enjoy this piece, and will pray for the earthquake victims also.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016



Music Performances

The Bowers Museum is proud to offer special back-to-back 25- and 50-minute Master Class sessions for piano students with renowned classical pianist Rueibin Chen. He will work with students of varying ages towards technical and artistic mastery of the piano. Guests can enjoy the beautiful sounds and learn a thing or two as well! 
Learn more about the distinguished pianist here: 
Location: Kershaw Auditorium

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taiwan - Austrian's renowned concert pianist Rueibin Chen (Interview by RTI )

 Taiwan - Austrian's renowned concert pianist Rueibin Chen  (Interview by RTI )

 Interview by RTI , Jan 10, 2016

Have a listen to his thoughts and feelings as pupil of the late legendary Russian pianist, Lazar Berman and performing with top orchestras and in top venues around the world .